Mohammad Karim Fazli 


Mr. Mohammad Karim Fazli, the founder of Golrang Industrial Group and the superior entrepreneur of

Iran, was born in 1932 in Tuyserkan (Hamedan province). He started his economic activities,

while he was still a student, along with his father, who was a reputable merchant engaged in soap manufacturing business for a while.

therefore, he became familiar with the production of detergents in his adolescence.

He set up a small workshop at first in order to produce dishwashing liquid, he develops and expands

this business later on in early 60’s. This trend continued until early 1970’s, when he established

Pakshoo Manufacturing Company, and he is still continuing dynamically its production activities. 

Mr. Fazli had greater goals that could not be realized with the establishment of a single company.

Eventually this idea led into the establishment of “Golrang Industrial Group” with his chairmanship,

Today it is considered as one of the most dynamic economic groups of Iran, emerging from the private sector and is an exemplary model of entrepreneurship.

He passed away in 2020.


 Dr. Mehdi Fazli

Chief Executive Officer at Golrang Industrial Group  


Dr. Ali Ebrahimi

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ofogh Koorosh


Dr. Amirkhosro Fakhrian

Chief Executive Officer, Ofogh Koorosh 

Member of the Board of Direcotrs, Ofogh Koorosh

President of Iran's Retail Association 


Dr. Hossein Saboori

Vice President, Ofogh Koorosh

Member of the Board of Direcotrs, Ofogh Koorosh