Ofogh Koorosh 


Ofogh Koorosh Chain Stores (OKCS) is known as the biggest franchiser and the largest chain store company in Iran. It has implemented franchise policies since 2017, and today it has almost 1000 franchise stores nationwide. It is estimated that by 2022 more than 60% of its branches will be franchised. Historical data proves that about 90% of OKCS franchised branches are mutually profitable both for franchisee and franchisor that makes it a win-win business. OKCS minimizes franchisees' risks significantly by the aid of its knowledge, experience, and reputation. Furthermore, the company offers unbeatable profit margins, and proper share of the gross sales as commission to the franchisees, compared with similar companies. OKCS facilitates great incentives for its franchisees and supports them in various ways, including:  1- Offering interest-free loans for setting up the store (up to 5 Billion IRRs that is adequate for a 200 square meter store). 2- Very short time for establishment, i.e. it takes almost 45 days from confirmation to opening the store. 3- Benefit from strong supply chain for transportation and supplying merchandises with the largest discounts. 4- OKCS undertakes sale discount cost, and value-added tax (VAT). 5- Highly professional technical support with over 2000 experts onboard. 6- Complimentary training for franchisee and its staff periodically. 7- Benefit from nationwide advertisement and brand reputation. 8- Holding various campaigns to increase market share. 9- Customer club services. 10- Share benefits of in-store advertisement. 11- Sale rewards for stores. 12- Enabling side-income for stores by providing store booth, ATM machines and etc.