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Ofogh Koorosh Inaugurates First Franchise Store

Ofogh Koorosh Inaugurates First Franchise Store

The first franchise branch of Ofogh Koorosh Chain Stores (OKCS) was inaugurated in Robat Karim City, south of Tehran.


Ofogh Koorosh Chain Stores' Public Affairs Department Reports; at a ceremony held with the presence of Ofogh Koorosh authorities and managers, the group inaugurated its first franchise branch store aiming to promote savings, increase market development, job creation and enjoying the capacities of the people who are keen to start retail entrepreneurship.

This is the first time that a franchise type of business has been introduced in Iran's chain store sector of the economy, giving the entrepreneurs the opportunity to invest in a similar type of business.

It is important to mention that Ofogh Koorosh's franchise store has started business in a situation where all authorities including National Union of Chain Stores, and the Iranian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Mines have asked for modernizing the distribution system for increased productivity in national economy and bypassing the traditional model of business through chaining business units under franchise legal model of business.


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