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Ofogh Koorosh Chain Stores Supports Autism

Ofogh Koorosh Chain Stores Supports Autism

Ofogh Koorosh becomes the pioneer of Autism supporters in chain store industry.


Ofogh Koorosh Public Affairs Department reports; Ofogh Koorosh Chain Stores holds the first gathering course for infants, children and youth suffering from Autism. Over 20 youth attended the gathering course from Iran Autism Association.

Ofogh Koorosh's first gathering course for Autism sufferers was centered on teaching social and citizenship skills and was held at a branch of Ofogh Koorosh chain stores west of Tehran where the youth over 14 years of age suffering from Autism were taught how to shop groceries from the store.

An Appreciation Note was handed to Ofogh Koorosh's Managing Director Mr. Amir K. Fakhrian and his deputies from Iran Autism Association to appreciate their valuable efforts of supporting Autism sufferers and performing the group's social responsibilities.


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