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Golrang Industrial Managing Director Visits Ofogh Koorosh

Golrang Industrial Managing Director Visits Ofogh Koorosh

The managing director of Golrang Industrial Group, accompanied by some of the high-ranking managers visited Ofogh Koorosh Chain Stores central office.


According to Ofogh Koorosh Co. public relations report, Golrang Industrial Group managing director, Dr. Mahdi Fazli appreciated the attempts made by Ofogh Koorosh personel and workers, during the visit. "All products offered in Ofogh Koorosh Chain Stores should have high quality to encourage customers not to choose any shopping center", he noted.

"Ofogh Koorosh Chain Stores Co. is a pioneer company whose achivements have been fulfilled by a set of mass attempts and unity", Dr. Fazli added.

Fazli also said that the satisfaction of our customers reached an acceptable point and we should try to improve it as good as possible. He also recommended for expanding Ofogh Koorosh branches through franchise instead of establishing new stores."The teaching requirments on franchise respective sides is an important factor and I hope to see a perfect model for it", he said.

Ofogh Koorosh Company's head of board of directors, Dr. Ali Ebrahimi appreciated the recommendations made by Dr. Fazli and wished for doing the utmost in all aspects. "Ofogh Koorosh aims at getting a position to be included in the five top firms of the region as soon as possible", he noted.

During the session Ofogh Koorosh managing director, Amir Khosro Fakhrian, pointed out that his respective company steps forward on a perfect planning and all units have their daily, weekly and monthly plans.


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