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Ofogh Koorosh Special Plan for Shopkeepers
In a Daily TV Programme Starts:

Ofogh Koorosh Special Plan for Shopkeepers

Ofogh Koorosh Chain Stores Company starts a special plan in an IRIB daily TV programme to give franchise to qualified shopkeepers and supports them in all ways, the public relations of the company reported.


A top manager of Ofogh Koorosh Company who attended an IRIB daily TV programme pointed out that Ofogh Koorosh modern chain stores are in fact the same old shops that looked for getting more advantages in time and less expenses and more comfort of the customers, in line with the changing situation of modern human life and urbanity.

Mr. Ebrahimian said that the new chain stores aim at paving the way for shortening the process of production-distribution. "The new models of the chain stores influence many urbanity factors positively", he said.

"The stores offer multiple advantages to customers like various products and permanent discount", he added. Ofogh Koorosh now has over one thousand branches in more than 300 cities that cover 8 mln customers all over the country.

 He also compared the real benefit got in some global model stores, which is regarded as being acceptable while it may not seem enough to manage little retail sales and shops.

Ofogh Koorosh Chain Stores Company regards the important factor of taking advantage to lessen the expenses and supports the shopkeepers by lots of experiences and knowledge of human resources to guide them into a better and more modern shopping situation.


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