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How to Make an Intelligent Shopping?
Ofogh koorosh Represents:

How to Make an Intelligent Shopping?

Ofogh Koorosh Chain Stores Company offers solutions to make an intelligent shopping and teaches shopping skills.


The company's public relations reports that a top manager, Mr. Ebrahimian who attended an IRIB favourite TV programme offered some initiatives for the intelligent management of the family receipts and expenses. He also refered to ways for having a better economy in the family.

He pointed out that Ofogh Koorosh feels a social responsibility to help people in managing family economy. "The better life for the Iranian, deserves the best" he noted as his respective company's outlook to achive.

"Ofogh Koorosh Co. employs over 7000 labor forces and plays a key role in making various occupations. So the company as a large family feels responsible to offer its social and economic experiences as some effective consults", he said.

"All family members should have job, job security and constant income and the company fulfilled the situation for all its labor forces", he added.

"If a family takes a monthly shopping up to 5 million Rls may easily save about one million Rls monthly just by shopping in Ofogh Koorosh Co. branches. This will be multiplied savings during 12 months of the year and simply increases 2 additional months to the families purchasing power at all", Ebrahimian explained.

"Choosing high quality fresh products in the best brands, with the best prices may save effectively for the families and this is a simple way of making intelligent shopping", he noted.

He also wished for the expansion of the better shopping skills and using effective ways to help family economy and all customers purchasing power.


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