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Ofogh Koorosh Reaches 1000 Branches

Ofogh Koorosh Reaches 1000 Branches

Ofogh Koorosh Co. is going to enter exchange soon.


Ofogh Koorosh Co. managing director, Fakhrian said that the company could inaugurate one thousand branches in 240 cities over 31 Iranian provinces, in its five years of activity.

The company's public relations reports that the managing director, Fakhrian said in a press conference that Ofogh Koorosh branches passed one thousand. "Ofogh Koorosh Co. is the first Iranian chain store which succeeded to open more than 1000 stores all over the country and got a unique record in this respect", he added.


More Than 1000 Branches in 240 Cities, 31 Provinces

Fakhrian pointed out that the company now has about one thousand and 16 branches in 240 citieswhich are included in 31 Iranian provinces.


Over 250 Thousand Square Meters for Point of Sale and 100 Square Meters for Stores

Fakhrian also estimated the company's point of sale to sme 250 thousands square meters and about 100 thousands square meters for stores and using 700 freight trucks.

The managing director of the company also announced that about 7000 labor forces employed in his respective company.


The First Chain Stores Co. Enjoying Cold Chain

The company's managing director pointed out that Ofogh Koorosh started using a chilling system, namely "The Cold Chain" to keep the freshness and better quality of dairy products. "Ofogh Koorosh is the first Iranian chain store that enjoyed such a system", he said. Using the system makes it possible for dairy and related products to be transfered to stores and then to be distributed to branches directly.

"Ofogh Koorosh chain stores quality control unit applies its permanent control on commodities' quality before being distributed to stores", he mentioned.


Ofogh Koorosh Enters Exchang Soon

The company's managing director said that the company tends to enter exchange soon as the first Iranian store in the retail industry. "The enteranceof a chain store Co. into the capital market in less than five years of activity is a greate achievement", he described.

He also said that we hope to offer about 10 percent of the company's stocks into capital market in the coming two months.


Ofogh Koorosh Attends in Neighbouring Countries

Fakhrian pointed out that Ofogh Koorosh is the first Iranian chain stores Co. that could attend abroad. The company inaugurated two branches in Iraqi capital, Baghdad and the third branch is to open in Iraq next week.

"The company is looking for attending abroad seriously, having plans to open branches in 10 foreign countries in future", he added.


O'Kala Online Store Extends in All Provinces

In many developed countries some 2.5 to 5 percent of all supermarket commodities are being sold online. Therfore Ofogh Koorosh online store has been set up for customers on the brand of O'Kala. Fakhrian also stated that the company's online store now is set up for Tehran and will soon extend to other provinces.

The company's managing director announced the installation of an ERP software to integrate information throughout the company and hoped for a better productivity and increasing the competitveness with other foreign chain stores.


Ofogh Koorosh, the Iranian Premier

Ofogh Koorosh Co. has been included in the top 100 Iranian premier companies and ranked the first for sales index and productivity among the domestic chain stores.


Ofogh Koorosh Co.'s Prospect for 1404

The managing director of the company said that the company's prospect for 1404 (the solar year) is to include in the world top 250 retail sellers. The requirement for achieving such a goal is to get a whole sale of about 4 billion dollars, he explained.


Ofogh Koorosh Gives Facility on Franchise

Ofogh Koorosh Co. managing director, Fakhrian said that those who have been granted franchise can also enjoy the company's no-interest facilities of about 900 mln Rials. The loan that is supposed to be used for equipping the stores will be refunded in 3 years.

He stated that the company's franchise will help those who tend to start a new job with little capital and knowledge. The company will support the applicants in all fields of IT, financial, commercial and so on. The applicants will not pay for Koorosh panel at all.

At the end of his speech the managing director of the company pointed out some aspects of the economic pressures that people encounter and the rising prices. He said that his respective company tries to help the shopping cart and improve the current condition by adopting a permanent discount policy for all commodities.


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