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Ofogh Koorosh Gets

Ofogh Koorosh Gets "Commitment to Quality Sign"

Ofogh Koorosh chain stores company has been awarded the "commitment to quality sign" for its commitment to the quality of the company's products and services.


The public relations of the company reports that the fourth congress held on "quality" and its role on improving the productivity level of the organizations and businesses. In the gathering that has been held in the IRIB congress hall, some high-ranking officials and managers from different organizations attended.

During the gathering, the "commitment to quality sign" awarded to Ofogh Koorosh Co. for the company's attempts to be commited on the quality of the products and services. Ofogh Koorosh managing director also celebrated in the congress and has been awarded an appreciation and a statue.

Using the domestic commodities, shifting the peoples thoughts toward domestic production, trying to make national confidence building toward domestic products consumption and many other related subjects have been considered in the congress.


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