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Ofogh-e Koorosh, the Pioneer in Business Boom by Franchises

Ofogh-e Koorosh, the Pioneer in Business Boom by Franchises

Ofogh-e Koorosh chain store Co. is regarded as being a pioneer in business boom by franchises.


Ofogh-e Koorosh company's public relations reports that the company is being regarded as a key pioneer in business boom by giving some limited franchises through brand competitive advantages and potentials of the respective actors to applicants who are interested in retail, all over the country.

The company's franchises having lots of advantages, most of which can be regarded as the followings:

Entering a low risk with guaranteed income, enjoying a valid brand, continuous supply of all products and goods with no payment or need for negotiating the suppliers, no need for buying cash or any respective cost of inventory and sleep money, enjoying monthly special sales and discounts, having festivals and drawing lots, various systems of sale and inventory management, customers' club system, central advertising system, supporting in IT and shop equipment, supporting plans for the sale booming and profitability, giving expertise consultations on the shop management, free training of the shop staff, no need for products depot, no entrance fee or any cost for the right panel, are all the advantages of Ofogh-e Koorosh franchises.

The company also grants 50% of the shop equipping cost with no interest and a 36 months period for refund. So the applicants may start-up the retail more comfortable.

The area needed for getting franchises is specified to be at least 100 square meters of useful levels for sale. The location in the city and the residential density of the region should also be suitable. The shop is obliged to have 14 hours of daily activity.

Applicants are required to register and fill their full specifications in Ofogh-e Koorosh website. Applicants can sign a 3 years contract when all personal and situational qualifications took place.

The start-up process includes the mentioned level s of administrative and related stages will begin just after signing the contract. Obviously those who get the franchises should follow Ofogh-e Koorosh standards, regulations and instructions.

Applicants may see more information and details on www.okcs.com .


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