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Ofogh-e Koorosh Vets Role in Controlling Row Animal Products
To Respect the National Day of Veterinary,

Ofogh-e Koorosh Vets Role in Controlling Row Animal Products

Ofogh-e koorosh vets control row animal products continuously to keep the food safety for all consumers.

The company's public relations reports that Ofogh-e Koorosh as the largest chain store in the country, having more than one thousand branches, does its utmost to supply healthy products and keeps quality control over health products. The company also for foodstuffs safety and controls food chain in the levels of supply, distribution and consumption, the public relations added.

Ofogh-e Koorosh as a pioneer company in supplying high quality and healthy products enjoys specialized vets, nutrition science and microbiology experts, adopted a comprehensive quality control plan for a precise supervision on all aspects of distribution and keeping the protein and dairy products as healthy as possible. All the vets and respective experts play a key role in controlling various foodstuffs and dairy products safety and health conditions because of their fast perishability.

The chain stores play an important role in the supplying chain and prevention of foodstuffs waste, especially the protein products. So the company assigns its technical experts on quality control from those who have studied and graduated in veterinary. They even control the trucks' thermography temperature when carrying the row animal products, to keep the cold chain safe. They take lots of responsibilities as removing the seal, quality control of the transporting products in the fridge and issuing the required permissions too.

The quality control unit also considers the probable complaints from customers, informs the staff and related executive actors, the risk of potential diseases (Crimean Congo Haemorrhagic Fever- CCHF) through training classes and activities.  


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