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Ofogh-e Koorosh Distributes Stationery Packs in Deprived Regions

Ofogh-e Koorosh Distributes Stationery Packs in Deprived Regions

Ofogh-e Koorosh distributed some stationery packs among Baluchestan villages.


Ofogh-e Koorosh public relations reports that on the eve of the school reopening and in order to perform the company's social duty and responsibility, over one thousand stationery packs have been distributed among the deprived villages of Talang district, Qasr-e Qand county, Sistan and Baluchestan province by the company.

The company's public relations also pointed out that the stationery packs distributed in a 3 days trip to the villages of Kohanbala, Shark, Deck, Shir Mohammad Bazzar, Tokden and some other rural districts in which the company's public relations manager attended while being accompanied by an executive team from "Koodakan Feresghteand" charity.

Some other local officials of Talang sheriffdom and Qasr-e Qand education department also attended the event and helped the distribution.

Qasr-e Qand Governor Appreciated Ofogh-e Koorosh

Qasr-e Qand governor, Homeira Rigi, the first Iranian lady governor from Baluch people appreciated Ofogh-e Koorosh managing director.

The governor of Qasr-e Qand county in Baluchestan province thanked the company's managing director and charity institution for their acts of distributing the packs.

In a session with the company's public relations manager, the governor hoped for the more success of Ofogh-e Koorosh in expanding its branches by franchises all over the region of Baluchestan so that the way be more paved for more economic boom and job creation for the youth.


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