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Ofogh-e Koorosh Staff Visits Pakshoo

Ofogh-e Koorosh Staff Visits Pakshoo

Ofogh-e Koorosh staff of various branches visited Pakshoo chemical and manufacturing complex.

Ofogh-e Koorosh company dispatched some of its branches' staff to Pakshoo chemical and manufacturing complex to visit the various manufacturing process and packaging. They also tend to get more familiar with the qualitative recognition of the products.

Ofogh-e Koorosh public relations reported that a team consisted of 35 persons from the company's branches visited Pakshoo to become more familiar with qualitative specifications of the products, so that they may keep and increase the customers' satisfaction as good as possible.

The team visited the producing and packaging process of different products like detergents including shampoo, washing liquid and so on, which have been produced under the brands of Golrang, Softlan, Powerwash, Airy, Speaf, Atra and … .

Omid Zandi who heads the training and human resource development unit in Ofogh-e koorosh indicated that such visits are needed for fulfilling the better customer orientation and improving the customer satisfaction level.

"Such visits may play a critical role in transferring the viewpoints from customer to suppliers" Zandi added.    


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